Classless? Really I rebuttal with you’re clueless

Posted: November 20, 2014 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, NHL
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Rant warning….

I am really tired of sports athletes calling out their fans because they don’t think they are cheering enough or for being angry.

Wake up, you guys and girls are PAYED to play a kids game, yes at a very high level but its still a kids game. You have a salary because of the fans, no fans no money for you and your back playing for free on the weekends like the rest of us normal people. Since you are PAYED to play a game you need to do your best to do the best job you can no matter if there are fans or not, no matter what those fans are doing. Santa doesn’t call off a day because Jim Bo Billy Nutsack said he doesn’t exist. Artists don’t go on TV to tell fans of their creations to tone  it down a notch after painting another happy little tree. Seriously Athletes whether you like it or not your paid employees, and employees have a job to do and if they don’t do their job the people around them get pissed at them and their bosses. We as fans don’t even have to show up, don’t even have to buy the merchandise, don’t have to cheer, we are NOT PAID TO BE THERE WATCHING YOUR SORRY ASS. If we feel that the best way to get our point across is to throw the jersey we spent 110 dollars plus at you as you play worst then a one legged sloth bear then we are going to do it. So why not take that angry energy and find a way to make yourself play better and if you can’t there is always an opening at MCD’s drive through.


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