Where’s Da Moola At #JapanSeries

Posted: November 20, 2014 by souldysfunction in MLB
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So I saw an odd stat about the ‪#‎JapanSeries‬:
Total prize money: 100 million yen (50 million yen to the winner of the series and 10 million yen to the winner of each game between game 1 to game 5).
So here’s some figures:

  • Japan won games 1,2 and 3 which also gave them the series win – This means Japan gets 80 Million Yen
  • US won games 4 and 5 – Prize of 20 Million Yen

So First 1 US Dollar equals 118.16 Japanese Yen

  • Japan was rewarded with 677 thousand US dollars (80 million yen)
  • US got 169 thousand dollars (20 million yen)

There is no official break down for where this money goes once won that I can find. I couldnt even find the actual reward money on any US based website. Further more there is no information on who puts up this reward money either, whether its split 50/50 to start or what.
So where the hell is the prize money coming from and where is it going and why did the US seem totally uninterested in winning until after the series was technically won?

Here is even a bigger ‘hmmmm’ for me:

The Japan Series has been around since 1986 and runs every two years (Except 1994 when MLB was on strike) till 2008 where the series was ended in favor for the World Baseball Classic. Now in the Japan series Japan had only won the series once in 1990 giving them a 1-9 series record in the best of 7 or best of 8, till 2006 and this year which have been best of 5. Now like I said the series was cancelled back in 2008 and from all outwards appearances not going to be continued going forward because of the WBC. Japan decided last year 2013 that it was going to threaten to boycott the WBC as they were not happy with the money rewarded to them. (http://espn.go.com/…/world-baseball-classic-2013-japan…) Now they didnt end up boycotting however guess what started again this year BEFORE the WBC (in 2017) started another very lucrative Japan series that Japan just happened to win even though all initial estimates were they would not. (http://en.wikipedia.org/…/Major_League_Baseball_Japan…)


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