Better plots, more action, less trying to sell the network

Posted: November 21, 2014 by souldysfunction in WWE/Wrestling
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I will readily admit I watch wrestling, I used to watch it back when I was a kid and now that my boy watches it I’ve definitely got back into it. However this latest iteration on the WWE is really poorly written as far as plots go and half the damn ‘episode’ is spent rehashing previous weeks events to nauseum  or trying to sell the network for …im not gonna say it… No Im not gonna do it… seriously No… nO…

9.99 fine there… bleh

Seriously I’ve seen better writing on the advertizements for car dealerships which we all know are made with the pocket change of Hobos. Then when they get some interest going in a character they end up hurt ie Daniel Bryan, Bad News Barrett, Roman Reigns ect. On top of all these things this has to be the smallest amount of active wrestlers Ive ever seen, you get the same matches ‘episode’ after ‘episode’. Literally there are what 3 male tag teams (Im so not counting Mis and Misdow)? As for the Divas division they have obliterated it because of the Divas soap opera on E.

I really hope that the ‘Authority’ is defeated this coming PPV Survivor Series so that maybe just maybe there is something better on the horizon.


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