Hunter Pence has no elbows

Posted: November 21, 2014 by souldysfunction in MLB
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Hunter Pence is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum slathered in an awkward sauce, but he’s totally awesome. The guy looks like everything you would tell a little leaguer to NOT DO, and not only tell them not to do it but really really spend hours and hours of additional time after practice in the shadows of the street lights to fix. Simply put this guy is goofy, his swing is crazy, his throwing is insane, his running is well I don’t know how anyone runs like that. On top of all that he looks goofy when he lets his hair and beard grow out.

YET, this guy is a lifetime (8 year MLB career) 284 hitter, with 185 home runs and 689 RBI’s. He has been to the Postseason 3 out of the 8 years and his batting average against the best of the best is still 265. In the field where he plays outfield the man has a .984 fielding percentage which is crazy for a guy that has nothing resembling ‘technical’ baseball skills.

This guy is the real deal, I have no clue how many coaches thought they were giving up on a kid that never had a chance or told his parents he should play a different sport but they were dead wrong.

On top of being a top tier player the dude has a awesome sense of humor, this video is a little old but I cant help but laugh my ass off every time I watch it, enjoys!


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