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Posted: November 22, 2014 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, WWE/Wrestling
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We haven’t watched friday’s Smackdown yet as my boy wasn’t home so we recorded it and will watch it tonight and then Ill post our so professional reactions and couch commentary. Till then however Im going to throw out some of my views on shizznits dat been happening

Sheamus, Sheamus where art thou Sheamus

Once again a superstar has gotten hurt during their plot line. Seriously this is getting old, every time a plot line has a bit of longevity the wrestler is injured and not just tape him up so it looks good for TV but actually hurt hurt ie Daniel Bryan, Bad News Barrett, Roman Reigns, Jack Swaggart and now Sheamus for the second time. He missed a lot of time at the beginning of the year with a badly injured and now it sounds like he has some serious nerve damage to his back (http://www.wwe.com/shows/raw/2014-11-17/sheamus-injury-update-26828165). Just like Swaggart he joined Team Cena and then gets rather badly injured, this has to seriously stop. The iron fist, tyrannical plot line for the authority is seriously ruining the roster. While Sheamus’s plot line was kinda running dry after winning the USA title having such a recognizable star sidelined with the multiple others is not ‘Best for Business’

Divas? Calling Divas?

What the hell, where have all the Lita’s or Chyna’s gone? Look at the Diva division and you see two wrestlers AJ and Paige and then you have T and N fluff. I understand the demographic for wrestling is more young males then anything but seriously even my boy wants to fast forward through the diva matches. Since Total Divas has come on they are more worried about Tits and Ass then content, it has gotten really sad.

  1. AJ is no longer the crazy bouncing nut job with serious wrestling moves for her size not shes the good guy??
  2. Paige went from being the up and comer  with strength and moves like the previously mentioned Lita to the nut job?
  3. The Bella twins who have a few good wrestling moves and probably could be much better are nothing but a side show for their damn Reality “My gawd we are Fake” Show.
  4. Layla is just tits
  5. Summer Rae is just legs
  6. Natalya who actually can wrestle is nothing more then a ill conceived side show for her husbands rise to the WWE roster
  7. Naomi who seemed like she could be an interesting challenger for the title is now MIA
  8. Cameron and Alicia Fox are well um worthless for nothing more then a poorly executed insanity rant
  9. Emma who had an actual following from NXT has been completely forgotten other then fodder for others
  10. Rosa Mendes is a robot seriously if this woman can bend in other then right angles something will break and the sparks will fly from her joints
  11. Tamina who is part of WWF lineage and could have destroyed some of the guys, which would have been a much more interesting plot line then the horrible short lived feud with AJ, is gone. *From what I found shes doing movies now but still just like Dean Ambrose who also left for a short time after a curb stomp (Movie) was back in weeks where Tamina has been gone for months now.
  12. Eva Marie? Who? Renee Young? Who? Eden? Who? Lillian Garcia? Who? Has anyone seen these past the damn Total Divas show? Eva Marie has at least appeared on Raw and Smackdown once or twice the others ????
  13. They actually list Lana as a Diva… seriously this is how bad this division is starving for attention

Rusev… okay the anti USA crap is really old

At first watching the big Bulgarian tear through people was interesting but months ago this Pro Russia/Anti US crap got so old. Did we seriously hire writers from the Regan administration for this plot line? Crowning achievement he won the US title, not the intercontinental which would have been more fitting then have the two titles (Intercontinental vs USA) fight for both titles or a title shot. The only real highlight of this whole plot line was the random appearance of the Rock laying the smack down on the Bulgarian, but even that went absolutely NO WHERE. Why didn’t that turn into a match at a PPV event?

***UPDATE – I fixed my mistake Rusev is Bulgarian not Ukrainian sorryz

The Authority can anyone say The Communists?

Vince ruled with an iron fist but he knew taking out roster spots for long periods was stupid. I never remember the over the top maniacal tyrant-ism that Steph and Triple H have made ‘best for business’. Even if it was like this before the overall state of the locker room was way better then it is now. If you have a full locker room and healthy athletes then sure you can pull off this kind of long term overbearing ruling party but um you have seriously decimated your own roster for this plot. Kind of bass-ackward thinking there. Really hope things change at or after Survivor Series (honestly Im really thinking they have been setting up Cena to be the next GM)

Roman Reigns takes acting classes

Yup part of rehab for Roman was acting classes, which honestly is probably best. He is a beast, but his mic skills were more like an angry bunny. Which if your trying to make him the next Rock, which I totally think he could be, he needs to be a better actor.

Tag Teams are for midgets

We have what 3 true tag teams?

  • Uso’s – who actually had a good rivalry with the two members of the Wyatt family till then abruptly ended that team.
  • Gold and Star Dust – I understand making Cody Rhodes take on a new character to match his brother but they are getting old especially now that they are ‘the bad guys’
  • Los Matadors – Besides El Torrito really? They are a whipping boy for the other two teams

What happened to the rest of the division? Well lets see Rybaxel was stupid and they needed to re-invent Ryback. Slater and the Gator was really stupid and neither are going anywhere. Giant and the Strongman ended in this weird feud to fuel the teams for Survivor series. We the People which ended in another ill conceived feud that went absolutely no where, Mr Heyman had no desire to help Cesaro and Swaggart ended up being fodder for Bo Dallas???? There is supposed to be a hugely dominate team called Ascension on NXT but whats the use of moving them up if there is absolutely NO ONE for them to face?

Speaking of NXT what the hell, lets train them to be WWE but not give them half a plot when they get there

Bo Dallas, Xavier Woods, Adam Rose, Emma, Tyson Ross, Sammy Zane, all have had great NXT ‘careers’ and then have not been used worth a damn in WWE when they were brought up. Paige seriously is the only one that has benefited from moving up to WWE. If your in NXT might as well stay there unless there is a serious pay improvement.

Whats with the stereotype choir commercials for Xavier, Big E and Kofi

Um am I the only one that thinks this little 3 man adventure they are advertizing is slightly a stereotype waiting to go bad? First and foremost there are no more 3 man teams so why the hell make a new one??? Second why are we promoting 3 black guys singing down south gospel music like they are the second coming of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? This can only end badly.

I was offended by the bunny humping Adam Rose

What the hell, really? On network broadcast at prime time the bunny humps Adam Roses butt… At 12 I would have laughed, as a parent of a 8 year old I was seriously put off. Not cool, really not cool.

Tired of Tyson Ross openly treating Natalya like crap, and getting away with it

How is this acceptable in today’s society? You cant tell me during brainstorming Tyson’s plot line that someone didn’t say “This is a mistake and we are gonna catch huge flack for it”. Being a arrogant pussy of a man hiding behind your wife is not a plot line it is reason for getting your ass kicked and divorced.


Okay that is all for now Ill rant more later if I feel the bug


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