Week 12 shows again why I hate fantasy football…

Posted: November 23, 2014 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, NFL
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So even though I really don’t to watch much live football because of family life all the recaps and Sportscenter’s reaffirm how much I hate Fantasy Football. I’m running my sweethearts work team this year, running it into the ground is a better statement. Doesn’t help that out of the 11 previous weeks 5 teams had their BEST games points wise of the entire season against us… Ugh hate hate hate… bleh

Raiders decide this is the week to win their first game… and I didn’t play James Jones…

Patriots look like the Patriots of old… and I hate New England and Tom ‘Im so Pretty’ Brady

Colts defense shows up against the Jags… I dropped them last week because they were awesomely terrible

Seahawks won again but without multiple touchdowns… Yup I have Russell Wilson as my starter oh and a side note I hate you Baldwin

My beloved Chargers win against St Louis but give up 3 touchdowns… None of them to Kenny Britt or any touchdowns or yards for that matter for Antonio Gates

Giants are 3-7 and Dallas defense has been not shabby… Dallas gives up 21 points by the 3rd quarter, yup I started Dallas DST

Alfred Morris you may be my saving grace this week…

Two Monday night games and I have players in both… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Im 2-9 this year sheesh….


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