Survive the bad trash talk and silly plots

Posted: November 24, 2014 by souldysfunction in WWE/Wrestling
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Here is my long awaited Survivor Series review!!!! What I started writing this while Survivor series was still on… So no one is actually waiting… no one?… no one 😦
Sad Panda…
Okay enough pity and self loathing lets GET IT ON… oh wrong sport… nvm!

First some thoughts

  • Where is Randy… I miss Randy… I really hope they don’t have him come back and get some weird disqualification and The Authority wins…
  • Rumor is Sting is in the building… Ohhhhh Hell yeah… Bring on either the bright eyed face paint or the Crow Incarnate. Sting f’ing rocks
  • Was really hoping Rock was making an appearance….

Pre Game… Seriously they have pre game shows for this stuff it is kinda sad

  • IVE GOT SOME BAD NEWS, hell yeah Wade is back. Bring on the Bull Hammer
  • Fandango is back! Besides the shaved sides of his head he looked pretty good, no clue who his opponent was but whatever. I still say if he would just let this character die and start a new one he could really be a main star in the WWE. Dude has moves.
  • Cesaro vs Swaggart …. again… sigh really this wasn’t that great of a match up before.. bleh what ever
  • BookerT you are getting old and not any fun to listen too
  • The Advocate must be bored….

Survive my FIST

  • Vince looked like a man ready to start a new chapter in the WWE, seriously everything about his words and posture said The Authority was gonna loose. Honestly that, I believe, is whats best for business. Triple H has moved on to a board of Sport Legacy Institute and Stephanie is probably  just tired of dealing with smelly wet men.
  • Cena I really think is done with his career after this year and will be the next WWE GM.
  • Fatal 4 way of the Tag Teams!@ Wtf seriously… Yay for MizDow cant wait for that plot line to start where Miz thinks Mizdow is getting to much following and tries to beat him down. Damien Sandow really needed a better plot then dress up like someone the town he’s in will hate and get beat bad.
  • Slater and the Gator are still a tag team? Wow knock me over with a wet chihuahua. Someone kill the bunny and get a plot for the party man already.
  • Holy shit did WWE read my last post about the Divas being a joke? 4 Divas that haven’t been seen in ages take out 3 divas and Paige… Please let this be the start of something more for the Divas division then just a Reality (fake as hell) Show
  • So I’ve totally hated this My daddy hurt me avenue they took Dean Ambrose, because you took a crowd favorite awesome built insane guy and gave him a ‘weakness’.  Saying that the way Dean snapped was AWESOME SAUCE, WWE learned from the Halloween show and just let Dean be Dean. This match was good, don’t give a crazy man a chair or 10… end of story.
  • Adam Rose and The Bunny vs Slater Gator… wtf… you can’t tell me there wasn’t a better match to put in this slot. You know with the plot line that’s been going Slater Gator is just there to give The Bunny and Adam a match. So the Bunny takes the fall, then the fall and gets the parade… sigh stupid plot.
  • ROMAN… doh video chat…
  • Cena pep talk but damn if I can’t wait for Rowan to solve that Rubik’s Cube
  • Divas Title match… really don’t care… That was ritarded in a very non physical or mental handicapped way.

AND PAUSE as it’s the boys bedtime. We shall pick this up here tomorrow…
—–(Just so you know there was an elapsed time period here as I’m not allowed to watch wrestling without my boy and sweetheart)—–
It’s Tomorrow!!! So lets continue

Main Event! 5 on 5 Survivor style Match… LETS DO THIS!

Could have done without the 10 minute recap right before the match that seriously is the same as they did at the start of the show….
Whatever lets move on…

Mark Henry Amped UP, PuMPED UP, JACKED UP!#!@!@!@# That was quick, Big Show showed up and one fisted Worlds Strongest Man into next week. That was awesome way to start it. The look on Triple H and Stephs face was priceless.

So a quick start and Team Cena is already up a man, but that cant continue can it? They can’t run the gambit can they? No and we all know it, come on you don’t think the authority isn’t going to be under handed and sneaky. Queue Mr Money in the bank, Curb stomp while ‘no one was looking’ and Harper pins Ryback.

So back to 4 on 4

So now we get to watch the Team Authority work as a team and nearly obliterate Dolph Ziggler. Seriously that man is either the best at mock fighting or can take more punishment then anyone alive. Now Rusev’s choice to destroy the Spanish announcers table with his head was kind of dumb choice for the essence of winning. Not sure why the ‘Super Athlete’ was picked to do something so not super but whatever he got his buttocks counted out even though Dolph was inches from being legally called a zombie.

Now Cena 4 and Authority 3

Cena finally gets in and does some damage before Mr Money in the Bank sneaks through his butt again and gets another Curb Stomp in stopping Team Cena’s momentum. Now here’s what we were waiting for Harper vs Rowan. (I called this when Harper made the appearance in the Authorities office BTW 🙂 ) The two behemoths beat each other till Harper landed a head removing guillotine of a clothesline and pinned Rowan. Really am looking forward to more matches between these two.

So now its 3-3 but two of Cena’s team are laying on the floor

Big show, who already one punched one member out, gets in the ring to fight off all three of the Authority. Then something I don’t get for the plot line, truly made me scratch my head and my boy fall to the ground.
Big Show one punches Cena.
Now don’t get me wrong I’ve seen this turn your friend thing by the Authority so many times it’s just mostly expected but the fact Big Show did it (Honestly I thought Ryback was going to be the one that was going to turn)…. Still scratching my head on this one. Feeling remorse or whatever Big Show then walks out of the ring and gets counted out while Cena was getting pinned.

Well so now its 1 on 3

No way Dolph is getting past this point is there? Remember these aren’t the best writers in the world so yes even though it was pretty impressive and again Dolph is a X-Men that just absorbs impacts and redirects them into frosted tipped 80’s hair. So yes one by one they go down till it’s Dolph and Seth. Then more Authority fun, Triple H does his best Big Show impression and knocks out the Referee and then proceeds to beat the snot out of Dolph. Of course he beats him senseless and drapes Seth over top him and calls out his ‘in the pocket’ Referee to get the win.

1.. 2.. and then the best damn thing Ive seen since Rock showed up a little while back to smack the Russian/Bulgarian.

Sting, who had never stepped into a WWE ring walks into the building.

The Justice just came a callin.

Sting in full Crow regalia steps up, knocks down the new referee, and then turns to Triple H. The size up and stare down is pretty damn awesomely done before Triple H tries to feint a right hook. Sting in Sting fashion ducks it kicks him in the mid section and then goes for his Scorpion Death Drop planting Triple H on the mat. Sting then smoothly reverses who’s covering who and Dolph is now covering Seth (Both are still passed the f*ck out), and glides back out of the arena. The previously mentioned first knocked out Referee wakes up counts 3 and BOOM Team Cena wins, while Dolph is still trying to wake up.

So long Authority!!! Yay!!! Im glad because it was about damn time, this plot was getting old. All in all the match was pretty damn good, all the ups and downs plus a twist or two and then of course everything is better with Sting so. Very interested to see what is to come on Monday night Raw and for that matter then next several weeks.



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