Cardboard cutouts talk to much

Posted: November 25, 2014 by souldysfunction in NFL
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Who hasn’t seen the Richard Sherman press conference yet? If not I provide it here and then Ill give you my opinion on what the hell just happened.

Ok… First let me say Doug Baldwin was actually behind his cardboard cutout doing the talking so before someone gets all tweaked about them using someone that wasn’t there shush. Second you can tell this was written and practiced before they came out. Third …wtf…

Let me say I cant stand Richard Sherman so don’t expect me to be giving a glowing review. He’s pompous, arrogant and thinks his shit don’t stink. This isn’t his first anti-something remarks, and till someone literally stuffs a sock in his mouth won’t be his last. Look you work for the NFL right? They have rules that you are supposed to follow no matter how stupid they seem right? Guess what you dolts, we all work for employers that have stupid rules that affect us in ways we wish they didn’t. We all after work at home or the bar complain about all those rules and how stupid, idiotic, and oppressive they might be. HOWEVER we don’t say it to their face because WE WOULD LOOSE OUR JOBS. You freaking athletes are so damn lucky that all you get is fined when if any one of us pulls crap like this we get canned. Don’t give me well there isn’t any other employers I could play for bull shit because if you wanted a league where you could do literally anything you would have backed the XFL. Your paid, way the hell over paid, to do a job. Get your head out of your ass and understand you work for a company and ALL companies have rules, if you don’t like it then quit otherwise shut the hell up and do your damn job.


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