Four white guys and an Egyptian

Posted: November 25, 2014 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, NCAA
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This is either the best start to a joke ever or its a ISIS hit list.

Actually its part of what Rick Pitino said because his Louisville Cardinals wiped the floor with Savannah States cheerleaders. No they didn’t actually play the cheerleaders, I think but they probably should have as the final score was 87-26. You read that right Savannah State scored 26 points, FOR THE WHOLE GAME. Really…
26 Points…
The full quote goes

“I don’t like to see any team struggle like that,” Pitino said. “I really don’t. I tried everything. We played four white guys and an Egyptian.”

This is the perfect statement for what is wrong with part of College sports. See in most sport leagues the teams levels are reasonably balanced, yes you will always have a team that’s on the bottom struggling but by in large their talent is similar to the teams at the top. College sports don’t have that, some teams are Greek gods others that are half dead field mouse. Why would you play a team you so completely know is going to embarrass you? TV time? Money? Is any of that helpful to the people on the team or just the school itself? Pitino even echos this

“This will be the first time since I’ve been at Louisville that I will not watch the game film,” Pitino said. “You get nothing out of this. You feel bad for the other team.”

So what was the point of playing this game other then it marks another win for Louisville and buffs the stats of the Four white guys and an Egyptian?


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