8 years and not a whisper

Posted: November 26, 2014 by souldysfunction in MLB
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I have no clue how I missed this but Billy Butler is no longer a Royal. Let me repeat that Billy Butler is not a KC Royal anymore… For those of you that don’t understand why I said that twice here’s some info.

Billy Butler has played for the Royals for the past 8 years, he has ONLY played for the Royals for the past 8 years which is the team he broke into the MLB with. For 6 of those years they Royals were bottom of the bottom in not only their division but of the league (two of those seasons they were 27 games back in their division). Butler had 3 seasons of over .300 batting average and never was lower then .271. On top of that his best season (Look the dude is ONLY 28 he still has many years left in his career) was 2012, only two years ago, where he hit .313, 29 HRs, and 107 RBI’s. Now yes this past season was his worst of his career but come on he’s 28 and only 2 years of a All-Star, Silver Slugger year.

According to reports the Royals didn’t even offer to keep him… This kind of thing makes me understand why players show little to no loyalty to teams or towns anymore. This is the kind of guy you keep in your organization because he’s not only been there when you could buy a win but the kind of guy the fans love. During the playoffs and WS every time he came up to bat the fans went crazy, he was one of their favorites because of his longevity and production in that time. Makes me sad to see him not be brought back to KC, I understand everything is about the business, but when business cuts into the love of the game from fans or players it is really sad.

Side note Butler is now a Athletic as a DH, hopefully he shows the Royals what they are missing and gets a chance to show them he still has defense left in his system.


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