The bench gets its old friend back

Posted: November 26, 2014 by souldysfunction in NFL
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I know Ive only been writing this blog a short time but Ive been saying that RGIII would never be the same player again after his knee injury since well his knee injury. Quarterbacks are fickle creatures, 99% of the time when they get hurt bad they never recover (Peyton is showing that you can). Look at Carson Palmer, Cincinnati was absolutely going to be the cities savior and then he goes down with a knee injury. Dude has never been the same, this season he looked like he was regaining his form and boom he’s hurt again. You hear all the time from defense coaches ‘You take their legs out and you take away their power’, well you take a leg out for good and they never get back to what they were. I think just like anything most of its mental, the knee will heal to the best it can but the psyche can take much much longer to heal if ever.

Here is where we find RGIII. Once again he has come back from another injury and his mental state is gone, he’s been benched for Colt McCoy. Honestly this doesn’t surprise me, and it will not surprise me in the least to see RGIII on the trade block after this season. It would actually do him some good to get him out of Washington and let him regroup mentally. Though I don’t think he will ever be the talent we saw in his rookie year ever again.

Hey Chip Kelly RGIII would fit in your system if you can get him to think faster and less about getting hurt.


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