A’s going the wrong direction

Posted: November 29, 2014 by souldysfunction in MLB
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It looks like the Athletics are gearing up for … Well a couple mediocre seasons so that they can be good again sometime. Last season I really questioned them letting Cespedes go as he was the heartbeat of their team, even though you got Lester (See an earlier post about my feelings on that). From that point the A’s never looked like themselves and their record really shows it, ending up loosing big in the one game playoff just to make it in to the wildcard. Now Lester is leaving and the biggest bomb is they just traded Josh Donaldson (Who everyone said was the second best bat on their team after Cespedes and put so much pressure on him after they traded Cespedes) to the Blue Jays for farm players and a third basemen that is the exact opposite of Donaldson, Brett Lawrie. Lawrie has been injury prone and hasn’t had a good season in ages.

****UPDATE**** – Okay so as I was writing this and then shortly after I posted it I’ve also seen that Jeff Samardzija is also being shopped around.

It appears they are accepting of the fact they are going to be run of the mill this year and try to rebuild their farm system. Fans aren’t to accepting of a rebuilding year when you have been competitive already for several seasons. Sure I hope that the turnover from farm to majors goes faster then expected but it really looks like the A’s are rebuilding when they really didn’t need to in the first place.


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