Bo knows you remembered his birthday

Posted: November 30, 2014 by souldysfunction in NFL

Bo Knows you didn’t forget,

Bo knows you wouldn’t forget,

Bo knows you would feel really really sad if you forgot,

Bo knows you made a cake,

Bo knows you are not going to say he’s old,

Bo knows you brought ice cream too,

Yup boys and girls its Bo Jacksons birthday today, 52 years young, the greatest two sport athlete to ever play sport. For those of you that don’t remember Bo, Bo knows you feel terrible that you weren’t around for his awesomeness, he is still the only athlete to be an All-Star in two American professional sports MLB 1989 and NFL 1990. Bo didn’t have a long career in either sport and you can imagine what playing professional baseball and professional football at the same time could do to your body. He played 8 seasons in the MLB the majority with the Royals where you could find him robbing home runs in center field on a daily basis, that’s when he wasn’t hitting them himself. Honestly he’s one of the first I remember leaping nearly over the outfield wall to bring back a home run and he was fast seriously fast. Four of the five seasons he was with the Royals he hit 20+ home runs and two of those seasons he stole 2o+ bases as well and all of this while playing Running Back for the Raiders. All four seasons for the Raiders he rushed for 500+ yards and his Pro Bowl year(1990) he nearly eclipsed 1000 yards and still has three of the longest rushing runs in the game. He also has one of the best commercial tag lines ever.

It’s simple Bo Jackson was a beast before any of these over paid babies decided to call themselves beasts.

Happy Birthday Bo, we know you already knew we would wish you one but we had to do it anyways.



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