What are we paying you for?

Posted: November 30, 2014 by souldysfunction in NFL
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Okay so this stat is absolutely killing me, to date and hell right this damn minute, the Kansas City Chiefs have not thrown a touchdown pass to a Wide Receiver YET this season.

Did you read that statement? Did your brain explode with the holy sized WTF? Are you doubting my extensive research and think I’m pulling a Onion here? Trust me I thought for a moment I was making this shit up and had to look at multiple sites to make sure I wasn’t. It’s actually true, while Alex Smith has thrown 13 touchdowns this season NONE, ZILCH, ZIP, BIG OLE GOOSE EGG have been to any of the teams wide receivers.

4 to Kelce who is a Tight End
3 to Fasano who is also a Tight End
3 to Charles who is a Running Back
2 to McKnight who is another Running Back
1 to Sherman who is the Full Back


This makes my head hurt badly, like mack truck parking on my temple badly, like stick a mouse trap in my nose and let loose the Pied Pipers catch in my sinus cavities badly.

They have 6 Wide Receivers on the team and NONE have caught a TD… Is this a Alex Smith issue? Is this an Andy Reid issue? Or is this seriously a lack of 6 guys being able to be Wide Receivers??

Great Googly Moogly…

BTW for you stat checkers here’s ESPNs breakdown of this year http://espn.go.com/nfl/team/stats/_/name/kc/kansas-city-chiefs


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