My coach is worth more then your coach is!@!@

Posted: December 2, 2014 by souldysfunction in NFL
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Head coaching changes are to many to count nearly every year, it’s a revolving door of a thankless job. You take men or women playing a kids game and make them think on the same page… well most of the time. So how much is a good coach worth? Is it by the wins their team has, the money in their pockets, the fans in the seats? Now I’m mostly talking professional sports here because college and below is a completely different animal(s) (Don’t get me started in college sports, there’s a reason you don’t see me talk about it here)

Getting back to worth, a good coach gets to the playoffs (or whatever the sport the coach is in calls it) on a regular basis with little to no outside issues. They manage the roster and team spirit as injuries and distractions occur. How does that translate to the idea of trading a coach for possible players though? There are a lot of rumors that the 49r’s are shopping their coach for draft picks, now there has been rumors about this for like 2 years just to be honest but they are getting louder this year. Harbaugh has done a pretty damn good job with San Fran and the overall consensus seems to be not his coaching ability but his relationship with the front office peeps. My opinion, which normally doesn’t carry much water, is you suck it up on both sides because together your winning. However most don’t listen to me so I’m sure they are going to split ways probably right after the year is over, no matter how well the 49r’s do.

So whats the history on trading a coach, well according to what I can find its happened 4 other times in the NFL, but and here is a huge BUT only once was it a true flat out trade. The other 3 times it was done because a team was hiring a coach that left a team but was still under contract and they had to end up compensating that previous team. The one true trade was Gruden from the Raiders to the Bucs after the 2001 season where he had gone 10-6 (he was 12-4 the year prior). The Bucs gave up 1 first round picks and 2 second round picks over 3 years and a bunch of cash to steal him away from the Raiders. Side note here 2002 the Bucs won the Superbowl with Gruden at the helm but after that he only had 3 winning seasons over the next 6.

Where does that put Harbaugh? How many draft picks and or cash is he worth? Which team thinks that plugging him in at the top will bring them a championship in the next 1-3 years? Harbaugh is a great coach, he isnt as talkative or ‘charming’ as his brother in Baltimore but he is just as good. So which owner gives away the next 3 years to get him and the chance of winning quickly?


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