Is this goodbye Torii?

Posted: December 3, 2014 by souldysfunction in MLB
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Looks like the perennial Gold Glover, All-star, and Silver Slugger Torii Hunter is on his way back to Minnesota. Torii started his MLB career there 19 years ago and played there for a decade. Technically he played as a Twin for 11 seasons but only played one game with no plate appearances his first year in 1997. Hunter has always been a fan favorite of Minnesota, which is true for most players that break in with a team and stay there for a long period of time before leaving for greener pastures. Torii is definitely a Hall of Fame contender when it comes to his time, which brings me to this thought. Torii’s numbers arent low, the only thing that shows is he no longer steals bases like Pitbull steals virginity cards from today’s female population. His batting numbers last season (284 Average, 17 home runs, 83 RBI’s) are still on or close to his year by year average. So he isn’t slowing down (except on the base paths) but he is getting close to the two decade playing mark which not very many players go past, no matter how their numbers look. The Twins signed him for 1 year at 10+ million, this is totally warranted based on his numbers last several seasons, but will he play past that one year? Or will he ride off into the sunset as a Twin, which is how he should in the first place? Does he want to leave the way he started without the ‘gawd I wish this guy would retire already because he sucks now’ stigma?

Like I said He still has the numbers to play, other then his physical speed he is still rocking it better then most. However a 1 year deal in the town you called home the first time you walked into the bigs is an interesting thought.

Well no matter how it ends up I hope he goes out as a Twin with out any dramatic loss in playing ability.


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