Johnny Football should be thankful for not starting

Posted: December 3, 2014 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, NFL
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Okay all you Cleveland fans sit your butts down and hush for a second and you just Manziel fans shove something in your pie hole.

Manziel isn’t ready to be a starter in the NFL, he’s not even ready to be a starter as an actual adult. First did he inject a point of light into a team that was loosing, going no where in the game? Sure Ill give you that. Did you watch him however?

Ill give you his stats before I go further – 5/8 for 63 yards and He scrambled for 1 TD

Okay lets break it down – “Insert Hammer Time dance track here”

First Possession –

  • Scramble for 3 yards
  • Pass for 12 yards HOWEVER all yards were after the catch
  • Pass for 18 yards – Ill give him this one as it was a good throw  ‘blind squirrel finds a nut’
  • Incomplete short crossing route
  • Pass for 24 yards – HOWEVER again 8 yards after the catch
  • Scrambles for the TD – Gets hit hard in the inzone and then does the thing we all freaking hoped his dumb ass wouldn’t ‘Throws up the money signs’

Second Possession –

  • Pass for 4 yards
  • Incomplete short crossing route
  • Fumbled snap, recovered by defense, defense scores – Play reversed by officials to incomplete pass
  • Pass for 5 yards – Turn over on downs

Does the above leave you thinking this guy should be your starter? He moved the ball the first drive because of after the catch runs, adrenaline, and blind luck. He throws caution to the wind and throws his body at the goal line. Rookie move, blind aggressive move, cocky ass stupid move. Yes he scored, and many ‘running’ quarterbacks have scored this way, but how many times do they do this and when? Not often and only when the score matters do you sacrifice your body and career. You can’t tell me that a defensive player isn’t going to smile after making this dumb ass another RGIII. His second drive is much more telling as he didn’t go anywhere, he didn’t do anything.

Look first this kid has to grow up a lot before he is going to be successful in the NFL. He keeps this kind of attitude and blind play he’s going to end up hurt or the next Ryan Leaf. Get your head out of your ass and learn the game, learn how to play the game as a professional and then we an start having a discussion about if you should start.


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