Why is Lester the cornerstone waiting to turn?

Posted: December 3, 2014 by souldysfunction in MLB
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This is more of a question then a Post.
I don’t understand why especially after last season Jon Lester is the one everyone is waiting to sign before they move.

Seriously Scherzer and Shields are sitting there waiting on Lester….. Lester has good stats in Boston and according to sources He really would like to go back there and they would like to have him back.
But Scherzer and Shields are out there waiting on Lester to sign before they move forward….


Im sorry but both those two guys are a step above Lester, not a huge step but still a step. Especially when Lester has openly said this time around it’s not about the money as much as the chance to win.

So if its not all about the money why hasn’t the deals for Scherzer and Shields moved forward?

Hell for that matter you have Hamels and Samardzija waiting too…
All waiting for Lester…
I don’t get it….


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