Hockey Meow player Meow says Meow

Posted: December 5, 2014 by souldysfunction in NHL
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Do you remember Super Troopers? The movie and no not StarShip Troopers but the hilarious police comedy. Well there was a game in that movie that actually started a real life game for a while that I can remember before new crazy shit replaced it. It was called the Cat Game or Meow Game. The object was to sneak in the word Meow as often as possible during a conversation (interviews were the most coveted game conversations). So without being a total dork you tried to say meow without pausing, without stopping, without disrupting the conversation while the entire time acting like nothing was happening.

Well guess what someone brought it back and its funny as hell.

A hockey player on the Kalamazoo Wings during an interview was able to sneak meow in seven times in a 40 second interview.

Ray Kaunisto we salute you!


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