Hunter Pence is muh fave

Posted: December 5, 2014 by souldysfunction in MLB
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Okay we know I think Hunter Pence is pretty damn awesome, goofy as hell, but pretty damn awesome. (Uh I’ve written about him before)

He recently did a interview for ESPN about the phenomenon that sprung up this past season of fans at all the ballparks making signs about him. Now first the signs were hilarious and not at all malicious, they were very well done and more of an honor to him and his weirdness then anything else.

I’m not going to retell the whole interview as I can’t write that good in the first place but I am sooooooo telling you it is worth the read. Take a moment and just read about a sports figure that gets it, doesn’t take himself to seriously, and really plays because he loves the game.


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