Ryan Leaf has decided to play football again… wait no

Posted: December 5, 2014 by souldysfunction in NFL
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Ryan Leaf…

If your my age or older you remember this name and not for a good thing. Look up on google ‘Biggest Draft Busts’ and you will find his name quickly and often. Back in 1998 there were two quarterbacks at the top of the draft boards, one with pedigree and one with a cannon and super potential. Before you say anything Leaf did not have pedigree on his side, he had natural talent and sky’s the limit type of potential for a NFL career. Who was that other QB?

Peyton Manning

That year was the year it was a toss up for who was going to get taken first, many stat projectors where pretty split on which college athlete was going to shine, Manning or Leaf. Peyton ended up going first to the Colts (We all know how this went) and Leaf went to the Chargers at number 2. Leaf lasted 2 seasons in San Diego with a 4-14 record while throwing 13 touchdowns and 33 interceptions. After SD gave up on the very emotionally mentally troubled QB Dallas picked him up where he only played 4 games with 3 of them losses.

From there Mr Leaf joined the prison ranks, seriously he has a rap sheet a mile long. Everything from drugs, to burglary, to fraud. He was just actually released from a prison in Montana after serving over two years of a 5 year sentence, however he may now be in violation of his probation in Texas where he may be looking at 10 more years of prison time.

Amazing how talent and projections seem to leave out character and spirit. If your babysitter shows up and looks like this:


Don’t let him, just a heads up.


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