Wouldn’t you hate to fill those shoes…

Posted: December 6, 2014 by souldysfunction in MLB
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This just in to the news couch, Derek Jeter will not be back next year at shortstop for the Yankees. I know I know this is a major blow to Yankees fandom, the world might end, and locusts will eat our children.

Okay okay we all know Derek Jeter retired, everyone in the known universe gave him a gift and thanked him for being the one shinning light in a PED era. The fact he isn’t coming back leaves a rather large spot to fill, well not spot but more like shoes.

Seriously who wants to follow a legend?? Anyone really want that kind of pressure?

Yes Derek was 40 and he was getting to the point where his fielding skills were not up to par but still he was Derek Jeter. Unlike some stars he wasn’t leaving at the absolute bottom of his skills so there will be some comparing to the next person.

Sometimes it works out, Montana had Young, Farve had Rogers, but those cases seem to be more football related where baseball is an odd bird for this. Do we remember who played after Cal Ripken(At short or third)? Do we remember who took over after Ozzie Smith? No and if you do your that teams die hard fan base, which is awesome for that team just not my article.

Yankees have decided the first log on the Jeter hole fire will be Didi Gregorius. Did most of you just say Who? Those that didn’t know he is a very talented young shortstop that played in Arizona last two years. He has a howitzer cannon for an arm, and incredible range which should help somewhat in the town that never sleeps. Huge issue with Didi is he can’t really hit (Avg 226 last year) and he can’t steal bases. So defense is a positive, offense is a negative, but what might actually have caused NY to go this direction instead of say a Troy Tulowitzki that was dying to get out of Colorado?

Price, plain as the nose on Cashman’s nose.

Gregorius is made 506,500 dollars last year.

Low cost on someone that has a very very small chance of following up a legend but will take the field and play his heart out because he is following a legend.

Win – Win for the Yankees, really hope somewhere down the road Gregorius wins too.


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