Browns give in to what they believe is the ‘future’

Posted: December 11, 2014 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, NFL
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I know I’m really in the minority about the whole Johnny Football thing, and I’m ok with that. I really really think this is a bad move by Cleveland, yes I know they aren’t winning, yes I know Hoyer no longer looks like what he was at the beginning of the season, yes I know the fans want Manziel.

No I’m not a Browns Fan, No I’m not on the coaching staff, and No I’m no ESPN expert.

First lets address the Hoyer ‘issue’ as most of you see it.

  • This is Hoyers first full year as he only started 3 games last season.
  • Do you know that out of the 14 games played Hoyer has only thrown under 200 yards 3 times.
  • The first 11 games Hoyer only threw 5 interceptions compared to 11 TDs.
  • Do you know that the last 4 games they have had Hoyer throw 50, 40, 30 and 31 attempts.
  • Do you know that Cleveland only averages 3.6 yards per rush and have been held under 100 yards rushing 6 times this season.
  • How much pressure do you think Hoyer feels every single snap knowing that everyone is saying he is worthless and Manziel is their savior?

This is NOT and I am going to repeat that with another capital NOT Hoyers fault. Your asking a second year QB (if you can call it his actual second year) to shoulder the entire offense. How many QBs can do that? Seriously people your asking the man to fail and giving him absolutely NO options but to fail.

I’m not saying Hoyer will be the next Brady, or Manning, or Brees but I am saying give the boy a fighting damn chance before you bury his ass.

Then there is Manziel… sigh… Everyone knew what ever team drafted him would end up being in this exact situation. It would pressure the team to start him, make the other QB excel past the top tier QBs just to keep his job, and eventually even that wouldn’t be enough. Look at all the QB’s that have been brought in this way over the last several years and literally the only ones we see as still viable is Russel Wilson. Kapernick is faltering, RGIII is done, Newton is a head case(No I’m not including Luck on this list because he actually understands the game). Wilson being the only one that is doing well (even though this season he has actually struggled) was because of the team around him. Whats Manziel got? The exact same Browns that Hoyer has. Sure Manziel can run and has that ‘it’, whatever the hell that means. Manziel is a cocky arrogant idiot that is power and money hungry. He’s going to get himself hurt just like RGIII did because he’s not smart enough not to. When does Wilson run? When he can plain as day see yardage without getting pummeled. When is Manziel gonna run? Every damn time his ego tells him to.

Whether you like it or not until Cleveland fixes the other aspects of the team they are no better off no matter who is QB. Manziel is not the man to save this franchise, but no one wants to hear it. SO whatever, he will come in for the rest of the season (if he makes it that long without being hurt) and the fans and the experts will be all titillated. He will win some just on shear emotion and luck, but when the money symbols fade and he shows once again we rushed someone that wasn’t mentally ready just remember I freaking told you so.

Oh and if he lights the world on fire and I’m wrong trust me I’ll be the first in line to eat my words.

“Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?”


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