Cardinals win … sorta

Posted: December 12, 2014 by souldysfunction in NFL
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So the Arizona Cardinals won last night in a very very unimpressive fashion 12-6 in a kicker showdown of the ages. Okay not really, it was a sad game to watch for multiple issues but the last being another QB injury for them.

Surprised as hell I am (in my best Yoda voice) that they are 11-3 after Carson Palmer missed time at the beginning of the season and then all of it after week 10. Carson played awesome in the games he was able to play, which is really surprising after watching him in Cincinnati after the knee injury, winning all six games he started. Yes Im giving him week 10 as he was 25-36 and Stanton was only 3-5. On top of winning those 6 he only threw 3 INTs which for him is huge.

Stanton hasn’t been to bad himself being 5-3. Not nearly as good as Carson but he at least has not been the prototypical second string QB and not had any clue what he was doing on the field. Unfortunately Stanton went down with a KNEE injury last night, and early reports are “They have no idea how bad it is”. He has had a knee injury prior in his career to the same knee so lord only knows what is going to play out.

So whats next for the Cards? You have Ryan Lindley that came in to finish the game but he has only 3 years of backup backup to his credit and then the rookie Logan Thomas.

Sadly after such a great start to the year it looks like the Cardinals will be a one and done in the playoffs even if Stanton comes back before then.

UPDATE 12/12 1:50 PM – According to reports Stanton has a sprained knee and is week to week.

“Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?”

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