Really hoping TLC+S changes things

Posted: December 12, 2014 by souldysfunction in WWE/Wrestling
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I haven’t written about the WWE lately because honestly I haven’t been impressed with the story lines since Survivor Series. Not much has changed, the plots didn’t get more interesting or out of control. Things just kinda stayed status quo while this ridiculous Anonymous GM thing is figured out.

Daniel Bryant as host was just stupid as the plots in play didn’t really let anything change.

I’m really glad they let Wyatt and Ambrose just be bat shit crazy and whomp on each other instead of the stupid Daddy issue plot they were trying to pull.

Santino besides being one of my favorite characters made a great GM even though again NOTHING changed.

Jericho is supposed to be host tonight and again I’m not looking for things to be much different. All the plots are trying to build up to TLC+S and that’s fine but come on the Authority being ousted was supposed to shake things up not just let everything stay the same.

What’s my prediction for TLC+S –

  • Cena stays #1 contender
  • Rowan beats Big show as they are trying to build Rowan into a everyday superstar
  • Dolph gets his Intercontinental title back (honestly he should have had it already)
  • Rusev finally gets defeated by We the People because seriously we can’t take much more of the Super Athlete being invincible
  • Dean will temporarily beat Bray till Monday night comes on
  • Brock will show up at some point just for the PR and to remind everyone he still exists
  • Reigns will make an appearance
  • The Anonymous GM will actually show up

“Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?”


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