Damage done, Plots sorta completed, and other TLC nonsense

Posted: December 16, 2014 by souldysfunction in WWE/Wrestling
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Let me first say, HOLY MOTHER OF GAWD. I’ve seen less blood in a UFC match then what I witnessed on TLC +S. From the first ladder match, especially that match, there was blood on nearly every single competitor. I understand that WWE is wrestling but it is really necessary to bloody everyone just for ratings? Seriously it seems like after ever PPV there are injured wrestlers now out for weeks, just waiting to see what the fall out is from this one.

Now on to the matches and other stuffz –

I’m not even gonna comment about the Pre-Show match between New Day and The Dusts as I think this plot line is stupid. The New Day is now the only 3 man tag team… yeah makes super sense to get rid of all the other ones and then bring back a gospel trio… sigh Skipping!

I think the best match of the night was the first one with Dolph and Luke Harper. Seriously that was an incredible, while absolutely brutal, non stop match that kept you glued to your TV. We all expect WWE matches to go back and forth, just when one guy/girl seems like they are going to win the other gets a second (third, forth… twelfth, ect) wind and then takes over. This match though even with the expected back and forth was awesome, probably the best match since the Cena vs Wyatt Last man standing match at Payback. Even the normally overly dramatic stunned show Dolph puts on wasn’t a detraction from this match as it just seemed to fit this time. Dolph ended up winning his Intercontinental title back (Which I thought he would as I did some predictions in an earlier post) in his home town in a spectacular fashion. Well done WWE this match rocked.

Were WWE rocked out in the first match the second match was absolute regurgitated trash. Usos against Tag Team (I say that loosely) Champs Miz and Mizdow. This match as well as the Miz working up Naomi plot line is horrible and needs to go as quickly as possible. First the Miz/Naomi angle is stupid and nearly offensive no matter how you try to spin it. It’s classic soap opera trash and should be left to the soap operas. As for the match it wasn’t much better, Miz fought nearly the entire time because we know he can’t let Mizdow get any adoration, and watching Mizdow act out everything is actually more entertaining then Miz’s wrestling itself. At the end Miz uses a Slammy to an Uso’s head to get disqualified and keep the titles. Stupid. WWE shame shame shame this match blew goats after the way you started TLC +S. By the way I didn’t even take the time to predict this one.

Big show vs Rowan brought back some interest as these two giant men (one more giant then the other) were allowed to beat each other with steel steps. Going into it you knew it wasn’t going to be high flying active match but more slam steps into head repeatedly until someone falls. It was definitely that but it wasn’t bad they traded blows and kept it mostly interesting even though threw most of it Big Show seemed in control. Rowan looked good, strong, smart and mostly crazed and Big Show once again he makes a good villain. Big Show ended up with the victory but gave a bit of homage as he used the steps to pin Rowan because he was ‘acknowledging’ how strong Rowan was. I totally picked Rowan to win this so I was wrong, but Rowan did come out even as the looser looking good for the weeks to come.

Table match between Cena and Rollins was again a bit better but only by a slight margin. The fact that Rollins gets to use his groupies every match is getting old, as I thought that would be stopped after the Authority was gone. Every match is three against one and is really getting old as neither Mercury or Noble should be beating anyone up as they are midgets that I could take down (Okay not really but maybe after a few beers and with a truck). Cena who had been playing more the weak slightly dumb Cena as of late, instead of the angry on point Cena he played after the first beating he took from Lesnar, did the smart thing and part way through the match took out both posers so that he could deal with Rollins. Here is where the match even though had a lot of action got old. Ref gets knocked out, Cena slams Rollins through a table, J and J security beat Cena and then clean up the table mess so that it doesn’t ‘look’ like Cena won. Seriously? This was the valid way to take this match? Sigh same ole same ole I guess. So Cena and Rollins start fighting again and as the Ref comes to, they both fall through a table together like an old married couple. Ref calls the match without noticing that both men are on the floor in the table mess. Two other Refs come out and claim each wrestler won, really? Really? Okay you have replay that you show our asses like every 90 seconds and the Refs are arguing over who they thought won? Whatever, main Ref says he doesn’t know who won and starts the match again…blah blah blah okay I’m over this match. WWE must have figured that this matches plot line was fading fast because for no reason Big Show walks out and starts beating Cena while Rollins is recovering. Then the real reason for this match shows its head. Roman Reigns music starts and Big Show suddenly stops in his tracks (Like that would really happen but for the plot line it works) Roman comes in Superman punches Big Show and then Spears him then turns around and Superman punches Rollins who then gets AA’d by Cena through a table to win the match. Are you tired of reading this by now? Because I’m tired of typing it. This whole match was to give Reigns his welcome back to the active roster. Yes I’m glad he’s back, can’t wait to see him win the Battle Royal coming up (Yup that’s a prediction) but seriously we could have done with a better match or situation for him to ‘come back’ with. Oh yeah I predicted Cena would win and Roman would return 😛

Diva Match! Screw this I don’t care.

Feed me More… Chair matches are pretty lame in my opinion as you beat the guy with a chair, then he beats you with a chair, then you slam him into a chair, then he runs you into a chair, then someone wins. Yeah Kane vs Ryback has what appears to be good size/strength match up but really its just two slower guys wailing on each other. Was not an exciting or interesting match.

OMG I’m tired of Rusev… Again he wins… Again by submission. Look I’m putting this out there, Rusev is going to not loose until Wrestlemania. He has beaten in big matches Swaggart twice, Mark Henry(who has been oddly absent), and Big Show and the ONLY person that has stood up to him and looked worth a damn was…. dah dah dah The Rock. So I’m totally predicting that Rusev will vs The Rock at Wrestlemania. Rock does his once a year match, because shit we know he’s busy with movies and can’t mess with the thought of being injured at a dumb wrestling match, and beats the Super Athlete at the biggest stage. To me it’s a no brainer. By the way the match was stupid.

Crazy vs Crazy. Love that they finally just embraced the ‘Who can be Crazier’ plot instead of the Daddy issues plot. Its so much more fun watching these two great wrestlers just beat the crap out of each other with absolutely no clue what they are going to do next. Seriously this match had everything and up until the very end was looking to be as good if not better then the Dolph/Harper match. Chairs, Tables, Kendo Sticks, Ladders everything a fan could want with the utmost crazy ‘I don’t care’ attitude. Was great until, like I mentioned before, the end….. Dean gets blinded by a exploding TV? WTF? First if you know anything about TVs, like if you have ever thrown one ripping it from the wall, you damn well know they don’t explode. Now lets say you’ve never done this or aggressively removed an appliance from an outlet, watching a TV explode just seems odd. Cool but odd. If WWE was trying to get away with the special effect of a TV exploding because they didn’t think anyone would realize they don’t do that then unfortunately they succeeded, because most people including those in my house (minus me) bought it. I find this kind of sad, Dean had just jumped off what looked like a 20 foot ladder with an elbow drop onto Brey destroying the Spanish announcers table. Was an incredible feat, and just plain awesome and then you blind him with a exploding TV? Sigh was a really lame end to a great match. I totally picked Dean to win this and was irritably wrong.

All-in-All I think TLC +S was sorta disappointing. One really good match, one could have been as great except the ending, two only okay matches, and the rest totally forgettable. Nothing really new came out of it, I expected Cena to remain number one contender, I expected Dolph to get his title back, and the rest just kinda stayed in a plot line limbo…. Sigh here is hoping Monday Night Raw is better but Jericho is hosting so I’m not holding my breath.

On a side note I totally think Paul Heyman is going to be the new GM. He’s got nothing but time on his hands with Lesnar doing 1-2 matches a year and focusing on the UFC. Just a thought


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