“He said yes!!! He Said Yes!!”

Posted: December 16, 2014 by souldysfunction in Boxing/I Punch your Face
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Well I think this video is the straw that finally broke Mayweathers back.

Thank you Footlocker, thank you so very much.

Floyd after watching this video (no I have no proof he did) broke down and decided to turn 180 and call out Pacquiao. Saying he has been waiting for him to fight.

Yes I said, Mayweather CALLED OUT PACQUIAO

For any boxing fans and seriously any sports fans that happen to glance at Sportcenter since 2009 they know that Manny Pacquiao has been nearly begging Mayweather to fight him. They have tried so many times to make this happen and seriously if you read about the deals every damn time Mayweathers camp has been the ones that have killed it. From money to drug testing, Floyd has been scared of Manny and for good reason. Floyd wants to be considered the best welterweight fighter ever and Manny Pacquiao could seriously jeopardize that. While Mayweather is dumb as a box of rocks he is a damn good fighter, even if a lot of his matches seemed lopsided, and the only one that could put his legacy down its Manny.

Paquiao has even said that he will try to keep the fight interesting but because Mayweather’s fights are such a snooze fest he can’t promise it.

While both fighters are on the decline of their careers I think Mayweather has the most to loose in this. With all the avoiding this fight Mayweather has been doing even a victory is going to look tarnished because of the 5 years it took to get it finalized.

Currently the bout is set for May 5th, lets see if the Mayweather camp finally shows up.

“Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?”


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