Are there any major leaguers left in Oakland?

Posted: December 18, 2014 by souldysfunction in MLB
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I think the A’s are now looking to put a team on the field that is made up of face painted fans. Seriously this ‘Hey Surprise we are rebuilding because after we let Cespedes go we realized it was a HUGE mistake’ is still going on. One would think that they would stop at some point but no they are bound and damn determined.

Samardjiza the Shark as they call him, well simply because it’s a whole lot easier to say then his last name, is now a White Sock. In return they got 3 guys with less then a year each under their MLB career belts and a Triple A prospect. Pretty par for the course as all their trades so far have been for youth and potential. BTW I have an article about the White Sox I’m working on so I’ll expound more there.

Lowrie is headed back to Houston two years after the A’s pulled him away from the Astros. Lowrie was a Free-Agent so nothing gained for the A’s there. After last season the Astros really look like they can compete so for Lowrie this should work out really well.

Norris is headed to San Diego (WOOOO! Filling that spot left by Grandal/Kemp trade). Along with him they are sending a pitching prospect to get pretty much two prospects in return. The two pitchers the A’s got both have only a handful of starts in the MLB last season. Again Par for the A’s current course.

Hammel was signed by the Cub’s, who once again was acquired from that team by the A’s. Are you seeing a pattern here?

So who the hell is left on their roster that’s over 25 and has played in the MLB for a season?????? Scrolling through their roster I see Coco Crisp and Nick Punto… wonder when the axe will fall on those two….


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