Bring your child to work day

Posted: March 17, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant

A lot of people … well like all the people are talking about Adam Laroche and his decision to ‘retire’ in the beginning part of his contract because the White Sox front office requested that his son Drake (14 years old) spend less time in the clubhouse (Spring training and regular season).

There is a lot going on here from what Ive read, a lot more then the knee jerk reaction of the Sox telling Laroche they didn’t want his son in the clubhouse.

Lets start with a bit of background, last season the Sox manager allowed Drake to be part of spring training. From what I read he had his own jersey and locker, he would shag BP balls and play video games with the players during their down time. Sounds like he was not a bad or distracting influence at all especially because after spring training he continued to do these things in the MLB Clubhouse in Chicago.

The Sox did say they were willing to work out a arrangement that Drake could be in the clubhouse for a certain amount of time, preferably under half of what he was spending currently. Which was everyday.

I don’t blame Laroche at all for wanting his son around as much as possible. Being a Major league player has to be hard on a family, and Laroche would know as from all accounts he spent a majority of his childhood in MLB clubhouses with his father who played for 14 years. I also don’t blame the Sox front office for saying they didn’t want to have kids in the clubhouse all the time.

In a society where we always want to know “Who do we blame and get angry at??” what do we do here. Laroche is putting family first, the Sox are putting the organization first. Neither is wrong, heck how often do you get to take your kids to where you work? Once a year? Maybe twice? Both sides loose here; Laroche leaves 13 million dollars and a job, the White Sox loose a reliable starting player. Drake gets taught his dad puts him first but learns that companies, which a MLB team is, are not always family first.

This one really doesn’t have a bad guy, three parties loose because of something most of us in our normal lives wouldn’t ever have to deal with because our kids aren’t invited to our workplaces. Kinda sad all the way around.

If you want to read the full story you can find it here -> ESPN – Adam LaRoche retires

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