Big Unit 1, Bird 0

Posted: March 25, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB

Fifteen years ago (minus several hours) I was sitting in front of a TV watching a giant of a man throw a small white ball that slid across the zone like a damn boomerang. Randy Johnson, or as he was better known as the Big Unit, was a monster of a pitcher. Guy was eleven feet tall, wing span of a mutant albatross, and a mustache out of Valhalla. Okay yeah most of that is a little more then the truth but still dude was a beast. Heck from all accounts he still is as he is a incredible photographer now leaving behind the slider except for the one on the camera lens.

Fifteen years ago today ( well now yesterday ) Randy Johnson was pitching in a spring training game merely getting ready for the grind of the full MLB season when magic happened. Well sorta magic, more like a cosmic coincidence where a whale magically is poofed out of nothingness only to find it self falling towards its unavoidable doom. Please excuse the Hitchhikers reference. The Big Unit threw what would be the last thing a bird ever saw. That’s a really odd thing to say but to watch the video was incredible, to watch it live was something of legend.

A explosion of feathers… a catcher that looked horrified to be there… a batter that had no idea what the hell just happened… and a bird blessed by the baseball gawds to be forever written into history.

Let the video explain the rest ->

Great article over on Deadspin about it too -> Deadspin



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