RG Cubed = Fail Fail Fail

Posted: March 31, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant

This past week sources close to the NFL reported that RGIII was being signed by the Cleveland Browns….. Can you say Pot to the Frying Pan?

The team that just had to kick Johnny Manziel, who by all accounts was supposed to be the next coming of nearly gawd, to the curb for being the the douche canoe that he is will now dress the man that was supposed to be the next coming of nearly gawd before him. RG3 in his first year looked by everyone to be exactly what he was in college, a winner. Fast as exlax, strong as an llama, and agile as a mink. He was going to take what Cam Newton started, the mobile quarterback of the pistol, and make it even better and for a little while he did. Then like all out of the pocket quarterbacks he gets hurt bad, and is NEVER the same again. Truly whether his body healed to what it once was his mind hasn’t and may never heal completely. Look at all the drama that has followed him after his knee injury, most of it self caused. Yes the Shanahans aided in his demise but he certainly held the torch successfully by himself. Now he goes from a team that hasn’t wanted him in years to a team who is known for killing quaterbacks dreams like my daughter kills a bowl of Mac-N-Cheese. Cleveland… Oh Cleveland who hasn’t known a quaterback since Bernie Kosar is about to take the frail damaged mental case of a QB and…. well what? I really have no idea what they were thinking because it really makes no sense, “lets take another broken guy at bottom dollar and stay at the bottom!”

I’m sure they hope that RG-Triple will make a miraculous mental recovery like Carson Palmer did after moving to a new team but honestly the Dawg Pound is not a kind place to those that have thin skin or mental issues…

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