Et Tu Ross?

Posted: April 4, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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Not sure if I’ve mentioned it but I am a huge San Diego Padres fan, I grew up there so it’s ingrained in my DNA.

Tonights performance against the Dodgers lead by Kershaw was can I say not just painful but if I owned a paper bag I would have it over my head. What the hell!@#!@!@????

Yes Kershaw is Kershaw and I understand he is going to lay waste to your offense. I didn’t expect a high scoring or even winning game from the Padres side but 15 to 0???? It wasn’t just the offense that was horrible but the defense was down right atrocious, my boys little league team doesn’t commit so many miss plays and almost catches. Seriously I don’t mind the 0 runs or even the 1 hit in 8 innings against Kershaw, I expect that against him but 15 runs and a huge amount of mental, physical, and emotional errors… sigh I would hide my head in the sand if I had sand.

Lovely side note it’s the largest loss by any team in Opening Day history… YAY ugh shoot me

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