Dirty Dirty Boy you’re out

Posted: April 7, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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How many MLB players can you name that are known for being ‘dirty’ players in todays game? There are a handful of players that are rough or play the game the old way but how many of them are actually dirty? Just one comes to mind for me

Chase Utley

I know Chase has been around for a long time so his style of play is more rough then the current game accepts but this guys is seriously dangerous to everyone on the field. Before last seasons playoffs a lot of people would just say that Chase plays the game the same way he did in the 90s when you did everything you could to get on base, stay on base, and score. He would take people out, run through catchers, get in throwing lanes, pretty much everything he could that used to be encouraged because of the state of the game. Most players have adapted over the last 2 decades as the game evolved into a more civil, I don’t hurt you and you won’t hurt me type game. Chase hasn’t evolved at all, he is still that player and he needs to be removed from the game. If he cant adapt or even understand the game is different then he has no place there. Last season he ended Ruben Tejadas season and possibly his career longevity with a horribly dirty slide into second base that broken Tejadas leg. Utley was supposed to be suspended but for some reason it was dropped, way to enforce a punishment MLB. Now he has done it again. A slide into home during the opening day game in San Diego Utley was trying to score from second on a hit by Justin Turner. You have to understand the rules for sliding into home have been there for a while now, since Posey got hurt what 3 years ago? So it’s not like he can say he doesn’t know the emphasis of the rule or something. The Padres Catcher gave Utley a lane like he is supposed to per the new rules, Utley said Nah Im good and tries to take Norris out. I’ll say right here that THANK GAWD the throw was in time and Norris was able to make the tag and move out of the way, because if the throw had been a few seconds later or off line this could have been really bad.

In the end Norris is able to tag Utley and move out of the way while the Douche Canoe Utley was unable to complete the take out slide. He needs to be punished and either made to understand the rules or get the hell out because he is obviously not going to stop otherwise.

Denis Poroy/Getty Images90030054

You can watch the whole slide here -> Chase Utley slide into Derek Norris via Richard Hsu

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