Records good or bad they are still Records

Posted: April 7, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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The MLB regular season is in its first week and we already have records being set.

Trevor Story a rookie shortstop for the Colorado Rockies is the first player since 1900 (which is when they started keeping stats) that has hit a HomeRun in each of his first 3 games (He currently has 4 for his short but explosive career).

The San Diego Padres (My team) has already set two records this season and not in the good way. Opening night they got shutout 15 to 0 by the LA Dodgers. While the shutout versus Clayton Kershaw isn’t something completely unexpected the giving up of 15 runs gave the Padres the awesomely bad record of the worst opening day loss in MLB history. My Padres when decided to make more history by getting shutout in all three games of the Dodgers. Which now gives them the dubious record of being the ONLY team in MLB history to score no runs in the first 3 games of the season.Yay Padres…. 😦

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