“Belt buckles under great weight”

Posted: April 9, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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First I have to give credit for the title to a friend of mine as it was so fitting and he came up with it before I did. So Ian I totally used your line, Thanks!


“The Kung Fu Panda needs no belt; black, red, or elastic”

If you don’t know who that references besides a large ninja Panda with Jack Blacks voice then I pity you and you should stop reading here. However if you know who Pablo Sandoval is you know he is a bit of a foodie, he likes his burgers and fries much like I do. The Red Sox paid a ton of money to get him in Boston, after his year in San Fran he looked like a sure thing for third base.

Money make Panda hungry. Panda eat when he happy. Panda HAPPY.

Like I mentioned he has been always on the rounder side of the waist line but this off season I think he ate a food truck. Now I am not pointing fingers as I myself like to refer to my current spare tire as a toddler safety device, but I’m not trying to play professional baseball. In the league I play in all of us look panda-ish. Back to Mr Sandoval..

He showed up to spring training a bit heavier then when he left the season prior, and actually lost the starting job to Travis Shaw who is in his second season of MLB work. Now if you were a sportscaster or blogger (IE This guy and everyone else who watches baseball) a huge contract as a backup is soooooo a huge story. That however is not why I’m writing this, I’m writing this because the Panda hates belts. Hates them with a passion and unfortunately it got caught on TV.

As you bear witness the swing that broke the camel-leathers belts back was a foul ball, I’m sure if it had landed in the seats as a homerun it wouldn’t be as funny. He then disposes of the belt in the only way one can, throw it at the batboy.

Panda eat when he is sad, Sad Panda… Sad Sad Panda

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