How to kill a guys spirit

Posted: April 11, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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I’m a Padres fan but living in the Mid-West I get to watch some other teams. I have to rant a little bit about the Reds/Cubs game that is actually on right this moment.

Bryan Price you are an absolute idiot.

Brandon Finnegan is pitching tonight. This 23 year old kid in on his second start for the Reds this season. His first start was against the Phillies in which he pitched well only gave up 2 runs in 6 innings of work. So going into this game he has some confidence, add to it that he is in the 7th inning with a NO HITTER. Now I have to say this was the most boring, least exciting, stressful no hitter I’ve ever watched. As a friend of mine said “Its like he’s been pitching under duress all night”. Which if you think about it with no hits 5 walks and an error on the third baseman he shouldn’t be under to much on the base stress, but it still felt like every batter he faced there was someone just waiting on third to score.

Finnegan is pitching well, he gets through the 5th with a little bit of trouble but not a lot since he was able to keep his changeup pretty unused till then. 6th inning you can tell he is starting to get tired, fastball is staying in the low low 90’s and he isn’t looking as crisp with the breaking ball. Now if I can see this as a viewer sitting at home why can’t Bryan Price see this? Finnegan gets through the 6th and goes back out there the 7th. Yes the kid is pitching a no hitter, yes that is an awesome stat for a pitcher BUT last two innings he has shown he is on the verge of loosing his stuff. For some reason Price HAS NO ONE WARMED UP TO START THE 7TH INNING. Even if you are going to let Finnegan try to get closer to a full game no hitter you have to have someone warmed up because the kid has already shown you he is on the tired side. No Price lets him go out there with NO BACKUP PLAN. Finnegan gets two outs which he is still doing okay but you can tell the end is coming quick. Personal Catcher for John Lester David Ross comes up to bat and pokes one over the shortstops head for the first hit of the game for the Cubs.

This is where this awesome night for the young Finnegan should end, head held high and really proud of what he was able to accomplish. Sure he isn’t at home to get the ovation but he should still be walking off the field knowing he had one miss in almost 7 innings. However like I mentioned before Bryan Price had NO ONE WARM. Now there is one guy on first and a pitcher who suddenly had all the wind knocked out of him. No adrenaline left to get further in the game Finnegan walks the next guy on 5 pitches. Two guys started warming up AFTER the hit. Now Price puts in a guy that has a terrible track record who promptly walks another guy, bases loaded two outs. Price brings in another pitcher who gives up a 2RBI single before finally getting the third out in the inning. Finnegan now gets tagged with those two runs because they got on while he was on the mound so what goes from a 6.2 inning 1 hit line score for him goes down as a 6.2 inning 2 earned runs game.

This is all because Price didn’t have someone warm enough to make decent pitches when his starter needed the backup. When he did act he promptly put someone who wasn’t ready for the situation or ready to pitch effectively to save his starter. His starter who gave him every ounce of heart, guts, sweat, blood and tears.

I’m sure they will spin this on how bad the Red Bullpen has been or is but it comes down to the fact your manager isn’t putting people in the spots to be the most effective.

Again Bryan Price you’re an idiot and I feel really bad for Finnegan who should have never dropped his head as he walked off the field.

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