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Posted: April 16, 2016 by souldysfunction in Futbol, General Sports Rant
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Normally I consider myself pretty on top of sports stuff even when I am not a fan. Sadly I am totally admitting I had no idea what the USL was until one of my friends on facebook started posting pics from the games. Most normal Americans know what the MLS is. It has been around for a while and has drawn a lot of top name FutBol’ers from around the world to play here in the states. Unlike Baseball most sports here in the states tend to pick kids out of college (or sometimes before), give them a ton of money and put them right on the Professional version of the sport. Example Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, any football player currently on a NFL Roster, ect, ect, ect. Baseball does it different by having A, AA, AAA leagues before you get to the Pros. I assumed (I will never forget my Dad always saying “Never Assume, because you make an “Ass out of U and ME”) American Soccer was the same as the majority of other sports and the best players out of college went and played in the MLS or somewhere else in the world.

Color me wrong.

There are actually leagues under the MLS and the USL is the newest and the most integrated into the MLS structure. USL or United Soccer League has become the league where MLS reserves and up and comers play in before making their way into the MLS rosters. There are 29 teams in the USL, Yes I types 29 teams. That is a ton of teams 9 more then is in the MLS. From what I can tell USL is growing by leaps and bounds and really has a huge spot they are filling for American Soccer.

I played soccer for 13 years, never was good enough to go anywhere with it but just the thought that there are kids leaving college that can go somewhere even if they aren’t the top tier yet is pretty damn awesome.

Check out the teams near you USL teams

BTW FC Cincinnati just set a regular season USL attendance record in their match against Louisville City – 20,497!

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