Panda want to play, Panda not too fat

Posted: April 16, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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Pablo Sandoval is a circus side show now, there’s nothing but odd hilariousness anymore.

I wrote about his belt breaking swing and tiny tantrum the other day but since then so much more has taken place.

An awesomely caring Blue Jays fan brought a new belt to the game just for the Panda

Then after this is shown all over the interwebz suddenly the Panda hits the DL with shoulder soreness because ‘Fat’ isn’t allowed as an option. Reports are saying that the Red Sox didn’t even have the Panda examined to verify he was actually injured before putting him on the 15 Day DL list. My thought is they couldn’t find a Vet that would make house calls.

It doesn’t stop there either. Reports then role out that a personal trainer(Ethan Banning) that had helped the Kung Fu Panda said he seriously can not stop eating even when he’s sleeping. Well not really but that is my take on it. Banning said the Panda put on a pound a day for 21 days just because he likes burgers on his burgers. To make it worst a report has now come out that while Sandoval was with the San Fran Giants the team had his room service privileges revoked when on the road. There is even an audio interview of it (Here)

I think Sandoval has truly become the Kung Fu Panda and the only way for him to become the Dragon Warrior is for everyone to embrace Panda Eat, Panda Happy, Panda … Eat More!

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