This should make you rethink your life

Posted: April 16, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, NFL
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Recently Johnny Manziel had been in the news again, and again for all the wrong reasons.

After the Cleveland Browns cut him for being… well honestly for being perpetually stupid. He goes and signs with the agent to the scums Drew Rosenhaus to try to rebuild his … um … well everything. We know Rosenhaus best for his work with a weepy TO:

Of course Drew takes the broken bird and does what he does best get them a second chance and millions of dollars… actually no he didn’t this time. Even the great Rosenhaus couldn’t tame the crazy inside Manziel. Rosenhaus actually made an ultimatum to Manziel to get “His life back on track” or he would terminate his representation of the Booze-Hungry Manziel. He even gave him only 5 days to do it in! Come on Drew we all know there are 12 steps and you cant do 3 steps in one day. Best part is Drew doesn’t expect Johnny to want to change from his Frat-boy ways. Eventually Johnny will find himself again agentless and jobless which is awesome for a guy that has been causing 32 grand worth of damage to to his rented LA home during ‘parties’ no confirmation that there was a donkey show.

Go Johnny Go! Dumb-ass

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