This makes me play golf

Posted: April 21, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, Golf
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I like Ernie Els, he is a great golfer and from all the interviews I’ve seen he’s a good guy. So something like this makes you sad to see a guy go through, however it makes every amateur golfer have hope.

At the biggest golf event in the world, The Masters, Ernie’s golf game implodes. He channels his inner weekend golfer. On the first Par 4 hole of the tourney Ernie finds himself 3 feet from the hole for par and then the wheels didn’t just fall off they blew off like some kind of horrible burrito accident. Ernie 6 puts all from within 3 feet before finally the stubborn piece of blanky blank blank ball finds its way home.

Ernie I’m sorry that sucks and I totally understand because I’ve been there, done that, threw the club into the woods, and then begrudgingly had to go find it. Now I didn’t have it televised like you but I still totally understand.

On the bright side you made terrible golfers like me know that it can happen to even the best.

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