Gawd I love Baseball stats

Posted: April 22, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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Baseball is one of those sports that there is a stat for everything and its all recorded somewhere. How man swings you took in an at bat that made contact, how many times you dove for a fly ball, how many times you adjusted your crotch while on National TV. Every thing you can imagine they keep stats for and some of them are fascinating.

Here are two completely unrelated that show what I mean:

Athletics Pitcher Kendall Graveman is the first pitcher to bat clean up since Babe Ruth. Seriously Graveman was pitching in a game for the A’s at Yankee stadium and Danny Valencia the 3rd baseman was injured. The A’s then moved their starting DH Jed Lowrie had to take a position in the infield to fill the missing position( he came in at 2cd base because Chris Coghlan who was playing second moved to 3rd). This caused a very unique rule to come into play. By the MLB rule book if a DH takes a position on the field it terminates the DH for the rest of the game. Suddenly there is no DH and Graveman has to bat for himself, and it just so happened that the vacant spot was the Cleanup hitter. History made!

StatCast is something amazing that would have made Billy Bean orgasm uncontrollably. The things it records and tabulates is just crazy wonderful. Take for instance Aaron Hicks, Left fielder of the NY Yankees, he fielded a ball and then laser cannon fired it into homebase to throw out Danny Valencia at home plate. The ability to throw someone out at home base from the outfield is a pretty damn special thing in the first place but Hicks did something even more special. StatCast recorded Hicks throw at 105.5 mph! The fastest throw from the outfield it has ever recorded(StatCast is only a couple years old but still) Hick seriously threw faster and FARTHER then any pitcher in the league. He threw this ball 246.6 feet with one hop and made the assist to Brian McCann. Just incredible.

Baseball keep those stats coming they are awesome!

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  1. No doubt! You can’t be a MLB fan & not be fan of stats! Plus MLB’s insatiable need to cherry pick a particular stat…”Players batting LH vs RHP on even days/day games since 2009″. MLB has a yardstick for everything…& we as fans eat it up! Now with last years introduction of Statcast (Powered by Amazon Web Services) we have an even more amazing tool to use & see! I not only LOVE Baseball stats…with Statcast (Powered by Amazon Web Services)…I’m blown away by the stats! Case in point…Alex Gordon’s catch Thursday Night (KC vs DET) 133 feet distance traveled…top speed 18.6 mph…route efficiency 97.5%! Stats…stats…stats!!!


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