Trout = Dolphin?

Posted: April 22, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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Mike Trout is the best player in Major League Baseball.

Pretty much period.

Yes you can make a case for Bryce Harper, Carlos Correa, Clayton Kershaw, Jake Arrieta but when it comes down to numbers over the last 6 years (including this one) no one can lift a finger compared to what he has been able to do. Bryce might catch him in slugging, Correa will probably surpass him in fielding and steals, Kershaw and Arrieta are beasts on the hill but none of them has all five tools.

So far in Trouts career he has been an All-Star all except his first year in the league in which he only played 40 games. His rookie year he was Rookie of the Year(2012) and he has the Silver Slugger award for each year he’s been a All-Star. He won the defensive player of the year award for the AL and the whole league in 2012. Trout has been second in the AL MVP 3 times in the past 4 and won it in 2014 with 100% share. That’s not counting the two All-Star MVPs he has also won. He hits homeruns like most players hit groundouts, then he turns around and robs them from over the wall in center.

He truly has all the tools to make him one of the greatest of all time, but there is a problem. Mike Trout happens to play on a team that has sucked for a while now.

  • 2011 Record 86-76
  • 2012 Record 89-73
  • 2013 Record 78-84
  • 2014 Record 94-64
  • 2015 Record 85-77

One really good year, the one where Trout hit 36 homeruns and was AL MVP, other then that the Angels are barely average. They made it one time in the last 6 years(2014 again) to the Playoffs in which they were swept 3-0 by the KC Royals in the ALDS.

You have the best player in the league and you have only made it to the Playoffs 1 tim in 6 years???? What kind of management is that?

That’s what I call ‘Weatherman Management’. Just doing it right enough to not loose your job.

This begs to ask what will Trouts legacy be? With other players creeping up on his dominance in stat categories and the lack of good teams fielded by the Angels, how long will he be ‘the guy to beat’?

Will Trout go down as Baseballs equivalent of Dan Marino (Hence the Dolphin reference in the title)? Or will he get to finally taste whats its like to own the postseason somewhere other then LAA?

Honestly I truly hope eventually the Angels trade him so that someone as great as he is isn’t looked back on as the guy who was great but never won.

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