Don’t walk under a ladder or change your underwear

Posted: April 23, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB

Baseball players are silly things. I would say even more so then other sports athletes. While all athletes have rituals or things they do before games but Baseball players seem to go to the extreme when it comes to superstition. Thing about it is you become superstitious when you play baseball its like it goes hand in hand.

For instance let me start with me, I started playing baseball again for a 25 and over league 3 years ago. I was not superstitious at all, I even went out of my way to walk under ladders and such. Now? I’m setting out my jersey for tomorrows game and I make sure I have the same boxers from last game. YES THEY ARE WASHED sheesh I’m superstitious not gross, however if I were to hit a homerun in them I may not wash them… Nah my wife would make me. I even have a pre-pitch ritual I do and if I don’t I end up making errors(I say this but by the time I make the error I can’t remember if I did it before the pitch or not).

Don’t believe me? My boy who plays 10U little league has to have a piece of grape bubble gum in his mouth to pitch. Seriously he won’t take the mound unless he has his gum.

Pros do it too. Check out this list for a bunch of them but the highlights are:

  • Jason Giambi wears a gold thong to get him out of a hitting slump
  • Mark Texiera wears one sock with a 25 on it and the other has a 52 on it
  • R.A. Dickey names his bats like they were characters in Lord of the Rings
  • Matt Garza always eats Popeyes chicken before a game he starts
  • Kevin Rhomberg would have to go touch who ever tagged him out

Its rampant in baseball but its one of the things that makes baseball awesome.SD Signature


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