“I’ve never had that much fun on a ballfield.”

Posted: April 23, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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A statement like the above title is something I don’t think we hear enough of from Professional Athletes.

I know that pro-sports has become more about the money they make and bring in but we don’t get to see the love of the game enough as fans. I’m not taking about wide receivers grabbing cell phones from under the goal post or a some guy thumping his chest after a sack. Those are ‘shows’ for the fans about how good the player thinks he is(I’m putting ‘he’ here because I don’t watch enough women’s sports to include them in this). As fans we are subject to too much show boating by players, and it’s mostly the media’s fault. They glamorize those kind of celebrations, good or bad.
I’m monologuing here like some sort of super villain… back to the original story.

Last night during the White Sox and Rangers game a unique situation occurred that lead to the exclamation in the title. The first ever 9-3-2-5-2-6 triple play in Major league Baseball. For those of you that aren’t aware of the positions numbers that is a Right field to First base to Catcher to Third base to Catcher to Shortstop play. That’s a sh!t load of throws to get 3 people out.

Let’s break this down a little bit to better explain what the hell happened:

Mitch Moreland hit a line drive to right field with bases loaded. Normally this would at least drive in two runs, however Adam Eaton made a diving play to catch the line drive(First out). The fact that he caught it I think completely destroyed the mental capabilities of the Rangers players on base. Eaton seeing an opportunity to double off the guy at first threw to First base. Ian Desmond of the Rangers initially escaped the tag by Jose Abreu but over ran first base and was tagged in foul territory(Second out). Abreu then guns the ball home to stop a run from scoring. In normal situations this is where the play would stop and we would continue with the next batter, however Sox catcher Dioner Navarro saw Adrian Beltre was in no man’s land between second and third. He throws it to Tyler Salandino the Sox shortstop, who throws it right back to him because Prince Fielder of the Rangers broke from third base to home. A rundown ensues and Prince is tagged out by Todd Frazier the third basemen(Third out).

Confused yet? Pretty much everyone was out except Adrian Beltre who was on second.
Pitcher Jose Quintana told reporters after the game “What a rush, I was yelling, ‘Throw the ball to second.’ It was fun. I’ve never seen that before.”
This was the first triple play of the 2016 season and the first one for the White Sox in 10 years.

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