Football… still not talking to you

Posted: April 24, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, NFL

So you may have noticed the lack of NFL stories lately… I am still pissed off at them(yes all of them) for the debacle that involved the St Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders, and my San Diego Chargers.

I could go into how much of a bullshit dog and pony show the LA Relocation auction was. How it was all planned by NFL higher ups to move the Rams back to LA because of the desire to have a NFL ‘City’. How the vote going into moving the Chargers to LA (Which trust me I was not happy about) was changed in several ways so that when the votes were tallied they completely went against what everyone though was going to happen. How in the end the Raiders and the Chargers were just used as pawns in it to force their respective cities shell out money for new stadiums. How the whole auction was a big f*cking scam….

I could go into all of that but I’m not going to…

All I am going to say is Football I am still not talking to you, and I still haven’t unpacked all my Chargers stuff yet.

So do whatever I may decide to watch and root… or maybe I wont… Grrrr

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