It’s like a creepy curtain of creepiness

Posted: April 24, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant
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Ever look at something and immediately think ‘Oh that’s creepy’.

We all know that the beard phase is in full overload currently. Everyone that can grow a beard is growing one and they are growing them in styles that some thought were never possible. It’s not just the Goatee, Chin-Strap, Fu-Man-Chu, or Full beard anymore. We are in an age where beards are out of control.

In the NBA you have James Hardens beard which small forest mammals nest in

You have MLBs Dallas Keuchels which is the Lord of the Rings intermediate edition

Stuff starts to get a little creepy when you get to Jayson Werths beard, and I kinda think the hair has something to do with it… can you say Grizzly Adams?

However there are two beards that I am calling a tie for the creepiest. If you saw people on the side walk with these beards you would cross to the other side and hide your children.

First up for Creepy McCreepyton – Clay Buchholz

Creepy little leprechaun… -shivers-

Second of the best of the Creepinator title – Colby Rasmus

Honestly I really can’t pick which one is more creepy….most creepier…creepiest…

Look if you have a uniquely shaped face growing a ‘I own a white van down by the river’ beard is not the best idea…. Someone please tell these two to shave shave shave shave

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