Brady has shriveled balls again

Posted: April 25, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, NFL
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You might have heard that the court hearing the appeal of Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension overturned the overturn. It’s like a double negative meaning Brady is back to being suspended for the upcoming season.

The transcript cites more the fact that nothing was done wrong in serving/notifying of the suspension by the NFL, not that Brady his like his balls mushy.

I think no one really cares about this anyway, well no one but Patriot fans. Everyone else is just sick of the bad puns and crude humor about Brady’s balls. Do we know that the Patriots have cheated in the past, yes(Spygate). We also know that Belichick will do ANYTHING to win and that takes nothing away from the fact he is an incredible coach. Brady is the Jeff Gordon of the NFL, the pretty boy who has had everything served on a platter, and is looked at as a face of his sport because of his looks and persona. Now I am not saying Brady isn’t one of the most talented Quarterbacks, because he is, I am saying he has had things go much easier then a lot of his competition. Better more stable coaching, higher quality players around him and on defense, and the backing by the NFL because he made them look good.

To me this is more about the NFL being pissed that their ‘face of the game’ took more liberties and shortcuts then they were comfortable with. Any boss is going to look the other way for a lot of things if you are bringing in the money, but there is a line in the sand. I don’t believe the NFL ever thought he would cross that line, but he did and now they are not happy with it. Now they are trying to show everyone that not even the ‘top tier players’ are above the NFL law.

The other thing that makes sense about this is why the NFL is fighting so hard to make sure this ruling went in their favor. Just like parents dealing with children you don’t want the kids to think that what one of the parents says doesn’t have to be listened to. The NFL can’t let the players and Players Association think that the Commissioners rulings don’t hold weight. They wouldn’t take anything seriously again knowing they could take the NFL to court and probably win.

Now what? Brady could fight this again and appeal it taking it all the way up to the supreme court I guess. Like they don’t have better things to rule about. It could get reversed again and again and again. This would make the NFL and Brady look like two three year olds fighting over a Dora the Explorer toy, like they don’t already.

In the end will this affect the Patriots? Probably not, at most maybe a loss or two more then normal. This team has always been built for later in the season so no I don’t think it is going to take anything away from them.

Will it affect Brady? Hahahahaha No. His wife makes more money then he does and in the end he will have a giant statue of himself in the Hall of Fame and outside a stadium.

How about affecting the NFL? Not really as everyone is already over it. The NFL needs to worry more about the CTE and Concussion issue/disclosure then this.

Who wins in this? Absolutely no one, you have already pissed everyone off and no one cares.

Then who looses? Simple the NFL.

If you want to read the actual ruling or need to fall asleep here is a link.

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