Flip off the world

Posted: April 28, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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I talked about having ‘passion’ while playing in professional sports but there is a limit to it. Having passion about something means you are emotionally connected to what you are doing, when you do something awesome you celebrate, and when you do something stupid you get angry at yourself.

The key is it starts and stops with you.

You don’t harm other people in your celebrations or tantrums, you don’t put down other people, you don’t take advantage of other people, you keep it within your little bubble. I say this because the other night Tyler Collins the CF for the Detroit Tigers popped his bubble. Collins lost a fly ball in the sky and it dropped in for a hit in front of him. This happens on occasions, to everyone. No big deal it was a hit, Detroit still won 7 to 3 over the Oakland A’s. Unfortunately the fans didn’t agree that it was no big deal, Collins was unfortunately washed in a wave of ‘Boos'(not boose but BOoOoOoOOooos).

Now first this was really harsh of the fans, Collins put up his hands showing he lost the ball in the sky. Second I would love to see any of those fans catch a fly ball as it’s not as easy as the players make it look. Third it wasn’t like the winning run scored on that play (like I mentioned the Tigers still won). So I totally think the fans ‘boo’ing was totally uncalled for and they should have more respect for their players.

Then comes the kicker, Collins looses his mind. He decides to flip off the fans and the rest of the world, since we all know nothing is sacred anymore and if you do it there will be video and it will be on every ones phones and tongues in like 90 seconds. Yes Collins profusely apologized after the game to reporters but the damage is already done. The fans will not be happy with him unless he wins a game in a walk off now. He is going to hear boos probably now every time he gets up to bat from his own fans, and this will follow him for a while.

Lesson for today – “Don’t be as stupid as the people booing you”

UPDATE 4/27 @ 4:00pm – MLB Front offices ruled that Mr Collins was not going to be suspended for his gesture however the Tigers decided they didn’t want to deal with the impending drama so they sent Collins down to their Triple A affiliate. Yeah I wrote this article two days before I published it 😛

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