Going down the toilet faster then last nights chinese food

Posted: April 28, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, NFL

I talked about Johnny ‘I like fruit in my trash can punch’ Manziel’s current situation in an earlier post, but since then more has happened.

Is it just me or does the more hype a college football player gets the worst he transitions to the NFL. Especially when that player is hyped as being the next ‘change’ to the game.

So Johnny ‘I love me some party favors’ Manziel was fired by Drew Rosenhaus, still not sure how that works but you know when Rosenhaus doesn’t want you there is something really wrong. Johnny ‘Wine enemas are for pussies, use vodka’ Manziel is now free floating the in your famous for being a dumbass zone and suddenly bOOm he runs into a indictment. Now it’s not like he killed someone (*cough* Aaron Hernandez *cough*) and the charges are only a misdemeanor assault charge but still. I say only like it makes it better or something, it is still his dumbass doing something against the law and more importantly against someone.

The someone is Johnny’s ex, that’s not a title anyone wants kinda like leper, Colleen Crowley. During a night on the town Crowley says he assaulted her and threatened to kill her. I for one believe her because this totally sounds like classic Johnny Manziel unfortunately. Dallas TX Judge Roberto Canas seems to agree with me as he ordered Manziel to show up for court on May 5th and set a 1,500 dollar bail. For the record Johnny ‘A little cereal with my beer’ Manziel can drink 1,500 dollars in Boones Farm Strawberry Hill for breakfast. Manziel’s Attorney, who is becoming a house hold name, said his client would turn himself in but privately to avoid a media circus.

HAHAHAHA Seriously… Media Circus? Johnny ‘Look at Me, Look at ME’ Manziel is definitely a circus all all to himself but at this point the only PR he is getting bad PR so why not make it a media circus. Not like you have much to loose here.

We shall see how he turns himself in and what then transpires. We can only home it involves a 3 day bender and a donkey show.

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  1. […] Manziel turned himself in for the Domestic abuse charge I talked about last post (Here). In classic Johnny ‘I’m my own biggest fan’ Manziel style he thinks he is still […]


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