More middle school?

Posted: May 2, 2016 by souldysfunction in General Sports Rant, MLB
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What the heck is up with athletes lately acting like they are like 10 years old. The Reds Joey Votto took to media the other day saying he would rather ‘quit baseball’ and leave all the money then have another disappointing month.

Umm take your ball and go home much?

Here is the whole excerpt

“It’s not something I’m OK with. I’d rather quit and leave all the money on the table than play at a poor level,” Votto said before Sunday’s game against the Pirates. “I’m here to play and be part of setting a standard. It’s something I’ve always taken pride in. I love to play at a really high level. So far this year, it’s not been that. I will not be a very satisfied, happy person if I don’t perform at the level that I expect.”

So far, before tonights game, Votto had been 7 for 87 in 25 games. In those seven hits one was a double and 2 were homeruns, everything else has been a single. For a guy with a 2016 Contract Status of 10 yrs for $225 million maybe he should quit because the Reds are certainly not getting their moneys worth. What makes it worst is they can not trade him because of the amount of money left on that contract. Either way, stay or go, the Reds are getting shafted by a whinny way to skinny jeaned middle school student.

Look a lot of people will moan about me writing this but the guy needs to pick his words better when he is addressing the media/public. He wants to whine like a 10 year old when he is getting, and has been, paid better then a majority of the rest of the league. Seriously I pay 300+ every year so I get to play in a baseball league and I still feel bad for complaining about playing time so Joey shaddup and hit the damn ball.

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